Sherri Lynn Savall

November 4, 1964 —June 8, 2024


Sherri Lynn Savall passed away peacefully on  June 8, 2024 at her group home (ILC—Independent Living Choices) in LaCrosse, WI.    She was born on November 4, 1964, daughter to Otto and Eunice Jerome-Savall of rural Norwalk.  She was the 7th of 7 children.

It is thought that Eunice was exposed to measles when she was pregnant with Sherri because Sherri couldn’t see very well, couldn’t hear and therefore didn’t talk.  She was cared for at home for almost five years, before going to Central Colony in Madison.  It was thought she could get better help and training at this facility.

When she turned 18 she was returned to her home County which was Monroe, but since Monroe Co. did not have a proper living facility for her she went to LaCrosse and was placed in a group home, where she lived for the rest of her life.  The last company she was under was Independent Living Choices.

Even with all of Sherri’s disabilities, she was able to function quite well and do many things.  She had learned “in hand” sign language at a young age and used that throughout her life to communicate.  Hamburger and soda were two of her favorite signs to do.  She was a true Savall—she loved her food!  She loved to go in a swimming pool and enjoy the water.  She attended Horse Sense—a program to ride horses with staff next to you.  She always enjoyed speed—a strong wind, an open car window brought her joy.  She went sledding one winter at her home farm and totally enjoyed going down the hill, the faster the better and then trudging back up to do it all again.  On her stationary exercise bike she pedaled so fast—few could keep up with her speed and intensity, and if it had been a real bike she would have put on quite a few miles each time she jumped on that bike.

She worked at a couple of jobs over the years.  One was folding towels and washcloths for a hotel.  She was a perfectionist, making sure that she got the corners matching perfectly.  If they weren’t she would sigh out loud and shake the towel out and start again.  She also assembled travel packets for tourism.  Even though she couldn’t see, her hands became very tactile and her nose had a great sense of smell.  When you met Sherri, she would touch you and eventually draw you to her to smell you, and feel your hair to see how long it was and would know who you were.  She was very clever and tried many ways to get what she wanted.  She was smart in her own way and adapted quickly to a new task that was given to her.

Sherri’s family is so thankful for the ILC program that took her under their wing 10 years ago.  They loved her and did everything possible to enrich her life.  The staff worked so well with her—they made her life more pleasurable.  Penny Becker, Program Director, especially went out of her way to do anything that would enhance Sherri’s life.  Rides in her car with the roof open was a huge treat.

Sherri was preceded in death by her parents-Otto and Eunice Savall.

Sherri is survived by her siblings:  Ronald and Barbara Savall of Wilton, Gary and Jan Savall of River Falls, Linda and Richard Beier of Wilton, Bruce and Chris Savall Sparta, Robert Savall Sparta and Debra and Douglas Schwarz of Melvina. 15 nieces and nephews, 24 great nieces and nephews, and one great great niece; along with other family and friends.

Funeral Services will be held on Friday, June 14, 2024, 11:00 a.m. at the Torkelson Funeral Home 1132 Angelo Rd., Sparta, WI.  Family and friends are invited for visitation from 9-11am. at the funeral home on Friday.  Internment in Wanderer’s Rest Cemetery, rural Norwalk, will follow immediately after the lunch.   The Torkelson Funeral Home of Sparta is assisting the family with arrangements.  Online condolences may be offered at


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