Where did the shopper go?


Some have asked, why did we stop printing the Foxxy Shopper/The Journal?

The truth is, Evans Print & Media Group has never been involved with the Foxxy Shopper/ The Journal. That publication is owned by Lee Enterprise, who is Headquartered in Davenport, IA.

Since the Journal has now consolidated even further and have eliminated Sparta mailboxes as a distribution method, as a result, us here at the Monroe County Herald have picked up a couple of new fliers.

We are pleased to take over the circulation of these two home flyers in our area. Menards and All American Do it Center will be regular inserts in the Monroe County Herald.

So if you like receiving these fliers, subscribe today to the Monroe County Herald.  On the top of this page is a button that says subscribe and you can find all the subscription options there.


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