Kriskindlmarkt underway


As forecasted, KrisKindlmarkt, in downtown Sparta, kicked off on the Friday following Thanksgiving, at 2 p.m.. The babbling brook, Beaver Creek, serves as an ambience cornerstone for the European-esque celebration of the holiday season. Adding to the tranquil atmosphere was the weather, which clawed and climbed its way over the fifty degree mark, on Saturday. Circular-metal firepits seemed to be staggered in a connect-the-dots manner throughout the festive affair. Wooden barrels added structure to photos and doubled as tabletops for those purchasing any food items or drinks. The cast of characters filtering through and enjoying the event came from near and far, touching on all age demographics, with a sprinkle of magic, dusting the day.

The newest addition to KrisKindlmarkt, the sausage hut, was a hit with hungry attendees. Will Wangerin, owner of Dubs Sausage, was one of the people holding down the fort on Saturday. “We are doing quite well so far and we are really enjoying the nice weather,” Wangerin stated. In addition to suppressing hunger monsters, the sausage hut provides an aroma that filters through the filing fest-goers, connecting hopes and expectations with fruition.

Right across from the sausage hut, the Beer Shop is set up, with owners, Beau and Jeanette Burlingame tending to thirsty adults. The Burlingames offer many drinks, but maybe the most unique is the German-inspired-mulled-wine drink, Gluhwein. When pressed on how to make the drink, Beau immediately handed the spotlight over to Jeanette. “This year we decided that we wanted to create the drink entirely from scratch,” said Jeanette. “We put the mulling spices: star anise, cinnamon and clove, in a cast-iron pot and roast it over a fire, then we add water and sugar. We let that simmer, so that all the flavors are drawn out, then in goes the wine. It is a traditional drink served at outdoor markets in Germany.”

While some folks come for the food and drink, others show up for the crafts. People peruse pillows, stuffed animals, knitted gnomes, jars of honey. There are over twenty booths available for perusal and purchase. People attending will also get a fair bit of walking in also, adding to the hustle and bustle associated with the season.

KrisKindlmarkt stretches from Mueller Sqaure (Location for the Farmers Market), across the Water Street Bridge, all the way down to Love Lock Bridge and out to Main Street. There is plenty of food and drink, as well as 22 authentic huts to purchase a variety of items. KrisKindlmarkt will be open on Fridays, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., for the next few weeks. The event is fast-tracking itself as one of the best events to attend, both in Wisconsin and the United States.  

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