ZOR Shriner Midgets Parade Unit looking for sponsors for FEZtival of Trees

The Zor Shriner Midgets are pictured at their last parade of the 2021 season with the fleet.
The Zor Shriner Midgets are pictured at their last parade of the 2021 season with the fleet.
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The ZOR Shriner Midgets Parade Unit of Sparta will be hosting a holiday event this Christmas season as a fundraiser to help pay for its new parade cars. 

The unit participated in its last parade of the 2021 season in Wisconsin Dells knowing it was also the last time they would be driving their 1964 little red Thunderbird cars as the cars will be retired after 57 years of driving in parades. 

Now, the unit is looking to raise roughly $35,000 that will be put toward buying new cars for the group and it is looking for the community’s help in doing so.

The FEZtival of Trees will be held in November where decorated trees will be raffled off, including the trees, the ornaments, and the gifts underneath. The Shriners are currently looking for businesses, organizations and/or individuals to sponsor the trees.

The winner of each tree will be awarded everything displayed unless specifically marked and labeled. 

Each sponsor will be responsible for adhering to the tree specifications as follows: 

  • Tree spaces are six feet in diameter and all trees and corresponding items must fit in the assigned area. 
  • Trees must be between five and eight feet tall.
  • Trees must be artificial. The empty tree box and other reusable packaging will be held by FEZtival of Trees staff and provided to the tree winner. 
  • Trees must have LED lighting only.
  • Sponsors are asked to choose a theme when decorating trees and the theme should be something appropriate for the general public and will represent the sponsor’s organization. 
  • Creative and non-traditional trees are welcome as long as tree rules are followed.
  • Each tree space will be designated one outlet to use, which may be up to 15 feet away from the tree.
  • Each sponsor must use the outlet assigned to them; volunteers will be present during setup times to assist. 
  • Sponsors should provide one extension cord with UL or ETL listed. It is recommended the cord be 15 to 20 feet long in order to guarantee it reaches the outlet and the cord will be given away with the tree.

All sponsor applications should preferably be submitted by October 22; for an extension, please contact either Al Brueggen by email at brueggenal@gmail.com or John Hendricks by email at hendrijoh@gmail.com

Sponsors will be able to set up their trees at Sparta Masonic Lodge on Sunday, November 14 from 2 to 6 p.m. Zor Shrine Midgets are not responsible for loss or damage to any sponsor owned or furnished items. 

Most sponsor trees include presents related to the tree’s theme; no alcohol allowed. The presents are to be displayed under the tree and must be unwrapped, so guests are able to view them. 

Sponsors are asked not to place cash or high value items on or under the tree; these items will be held by staff and issued to the winner at the end. Instead, the sponsors could use photos, fake money or a letter explaining the prize. 

“The minimum expense is $500,” Al Brueggen said. “That includes your tree, and everything involved.”

All the trees will be displayed from November 15-20. For a minimal admission price, the public is invited to come through and tour all the decorations, and the drawing for the trees will be held on Saturday, November 20 at 8 p.m. with the net proceeds benefiting Zor Shriner Midgets Parade Unit. 


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