Local business to release own beer

Pocket Sausage makes debut


A local Sparta business on Wisconsin street has set a date for the release of their first beer. Beau and Jeanette Burlingame, owners of the Beer Shop at 200 West Wisconsin Street, have made label designs and even picked out a new name for their very first beer: Pocket Sausage Hazy Pale Ale.

On August 6th, the Beer Shop, in conjunction with Oliphant Brewing out of Somerset Wisconsin, is releasing Pocket Sausage to the public at precisely 4 pm. In addition to the pale ale release, there will be a hotdog eating contest that starts at 5 pm.

The Beer Shop buys a solid portion of their beer from Oliphant Brewing and Beau says that the crazy-cool artwork is an added bonus to the delicious flavors that lay within the can itself. Back in February Beau said that they did an event with Oliphant and it went extremely well. “After that I reached out to them and asked if we could do a collaboration beer with them and they said sure”. Then the creative ball started rolling. It was time spent with Jeanette and their good friend Will Wangerin,  circulating thoughts and musings for the name and design.

One day, while speaking with Will, they came up with the name. Will is the owner of Dub’s Sausage, another business residing in Monroe County. Beau stated that Will always has sausage with him in his pocket, and thus the name for the new beer was born.

The label for the beer will have three logos representing those involved in the collaboration: Oliphant Brewery, Beer Shop, and Dubs Sausage.

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