EF0 Tornado confirmed near Sparta


Monroe County Emergency Management Coordinator, Jared Tessman and the National Weather Service have confirmed preliminary damage survey results of a EF0 Tornado on Thursday evening at 8:20p.m.

The Preliminary results say the peak winds were 85mph. The tornaddo traveled .27 miles with a width of 35 yards.

The location of the tornado was on Javelin Rd., about 5 miles south of Sparta, off of Highway 71. There are no injuries from the tornado.

The major damage seems to only have affected 2 property owners. John Schanofer's house got some shingles ripped off and quite a few trees down, loss of a corn crib, and a camper that was being stored at Schanofer's home by Carl Clements traveled about 30 yards. The camper ended up with all the contents on the ground and the floor, hitch, and wheels ended up caught on what's left of a tree.

There are also down trees blocking off the road on Javelin Rd.

Across Javelin Rd. Todd & Colleen Swenson's property, which is a field with what used to be a machine shed. The machine shed is totally demolished, and there is debris all over the field.

Schanofer said, "I slept right through it. I woke up to my brother-in-law saying 'you've got a problem'."

Schanofer said he's waiting for the insurance company to address the damage. He added, "It could've been a lot worse."


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